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Johnny Rainchek

Johnny Rainchek earned his name when he was a young lad. It seems that he
was taken by this comely lass. Each time that he asked her for a date she
replied, "I'll take a raincheck." It dawned on Johnny to change his name to Rainchek.
Now a gentleman never gives out details, but he does have a sly smile whenever he
talks about her. When it comes to experience as a DJ, Johnny worked at WGMC for five
years on an hour and a half show called "Sunday Morning Bluegrass." It proved quite a
task working as a bluegrass musician, getting home at 7 a.m. sometimes &
starting up the station to run pre-recorded shows at 9 a.m. Something had to
give and unfortunately it was the radio show. Any musician will tell you that
performing is number one.
Johnny is glad to have the opportunity to work at WDYN.net playing his
favorite acoustic music and the music of his listeners. As always he'd like to
thank Dynamic Recording Studio for making it possible.

1. Celebration Ode
2. Ballad of the 13th Lock
3. Paddy Works on the Erie
4. Go Along Mule / MP3
5. The Canalboat That Never Returned / MP3
6. Oilskin Slickers
7. Comin' Round the Mountain
8.Canaller's Ball
9.The Canal Boatman's Dance / MP3
10. River Trips
11. Old Captain Dick
12. Gay Old Packet Line
13. We Stick Together
14. The Clever Skipper
15. On Mules
16. Rusty Old Canaller
17. Mulie, Keep Your Tail Up
18. Going Down to Cooper's
19. Going Down to Cooper's
19. The George C. Finney
20. Chanty 1
21. Chanty 2
22. Chanty 3
23.Chanty 4
24. Chanty 5
25. The Grand Canal
26.The Old Canal


Songs of the Horse Ocean Sailor
CDs $14.95
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Here are some of the New York State groups that
Johnny has worked with:

Salt Creek
Hickory Grove
The Blues Duo
Sweet River
Tall Grass
Alice Clements & Tenesee Jody
Hal Casey (Champion male New York fiddler.)
Alice Clements (Champion female New York fiddler.)
Bristol Mountain Bluegrass
Gold N' Bluegrass
Beale Street Blues Band
Way Out West
Tammy Whynot & the Tumbleweeds
Golden Eagle String Band
Mountain Laurel
Upland Bluegrass Band
Squirrel Pups
Bristol Brothers

Johnny had a great time performing with the following national acts or special projects:

Charlie Moore & the Dixie Partners
Hylo Brown
Verne Young
Smokey Green & Fred Pike
The Nashville Network Show: Fire on the Mountain
River Bottom Blues Movie Soundtrack
Organizer, Host, & Performer at the Rush Family Bluegrass Festival (3 Years.)

Johnny thanks you for making this web page a part of your day and please
tune in to all the shows at WDYN.net.

WDYN Radio
An Independent Radio Station that plays Johnny's Albums Every Day.


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