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Sentimental Breakdown

Todd Hope

ARTIST: Todd Hope
ALBUM TITLE: Sentimental Breakdown

    Dynamic Records is proud to release Todd Hope's debut solo album, Sentimental Breakdown. Todd covers a lot of musical ground, drawing from diverse influences, but his sound is distinctly his own. You can see an affinity for Bob Dylan in his intelligent, almost poetic lyrics. But his song-writing has more of a pop sensibility with its infectious hooks, crafted arrangements and production. He has a unique rhythmic feel that is somewhere between Dave Matthews and Ritchie Havens. Todd's voice can be both smooth and tender, yet powerfully emotive. Throw in his equally passionate, evocative guitar playing, and you have quite a performer indeed! But it is the songs, even more than the artist, that steal the show on Sentimental Breakdown.

    All Songs, Todd Hope, 1998

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About Todd

Todd began playing guitar in his early teens. After cutting his teeth in high-school garage bands, he started gigging in the late 80s during a half-hearted attempt at college in St. Paul, Minnesota. His old band, Captain Coconut, which he half-jokingly calls "an unholy hybrid of Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath," played throughout the Twin Cities at clubs, local colleges and the massive University of Minnesota campus. "Captain Coconut was a guitar-hero power trio," Todd says. "We were very heavy, very 'out there' and very loose and sloppy, but people loved us." Upon returning to his hometown of Rochester, New York, Todd played and sang in a number of blues and funk bands, most notably Todd Hope and the Backbreakers and Lemon Kurry. While he was still playing and recording with those bands, Todd began work on Sentimental Breakdown in early 1997. "Nothing is more fun than playing the blues in front of a hot crowd," Todd says. "But the music I'm doing now is the most fulfilling music I've ever done. I've always been inspired by singer-songwriters, and I've always written those kinds of songs and done cafe and sidewalk-minstrel type side gigs, but recording this CD and seeing these songs develop and to be able to realize the 'vision' I had for them was a lot like a parent watching their kids grow up right in front of them."

A Few Words From Todd

Thank you for your interest in my music and this web page. I hope that you will enjoy the music on this CD. I'm very proud of it as a product and as a personal statement. These songs are really pieces of me, very personal, yet I think (I hope) that they have a universal appeal. Take some time and listen to the sound clips on the site and go check out the lyrics page. If you like what you see and hear, I encourage you to order the CD. I'm confident you won't be disappointed.

I'd like to thank all of my friends at Dynamic: Dave, Jackie, Sharon, Chris, Mike, and especially Jasmine and Tramper. To anyone who is looking for a place to record a CD, demo, or put up a web page, I highly recommend Dynamic. They are good people, who do excellent work, and I've always felt that I was more than just "the talent."

Music Bizz Stuff

Todd is relocating to Sacramento, California, in mid-October of 1998. He will be looking for management, booking agencies, promotional and legal representation in northern California. For booking information, business opportunities, to get on Todd's mailing list, or to just drop a line and say hello, you can e-mail Todd at:

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