Life In Blue

Album Cover
Prolific writer Bonnie's second release.
Ah, songs of love: found, foundering, lost, remembered, ...and never regretted.
"A standout... "To Peter From Wendy"" says Burnt-Out Belle of Kerrville New Folk, Music City Texas.
Life In Blue-Bonnie Abrams DRK-108


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Song List/Times

  1. One Endless Night 4:07
  2. Words Like Lonely 2:50
  3. Lady Of Losers 2:11
  4. A Thornbird's Song MP3 3:28
  5. Image Of You 3:26
  6. Life In Blue MP3 3:02
  7. Another Link 3:41
  8. Song For Darryl 2:50
  9. Two People Sometimes 2:28
  10. To Peter From Wendy 3:20

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