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Al, Where is my Ball ???

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Paulsen, Baker, Garvey
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"Silver Linings"

25 Years of Paulsen,
Baker, Garvey and Keltz

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This is what Al does all day at

Al Hard At Work in
the Studio at Dynamic Recording.

Literally hundreds of songs are at the guitar playing fingertips of this consumate performer. He sings and plays it all - ballads, country, rock, originals, sing-a-longs, Irish tunes, the Beatles, 50's, 60's, even original parody tunes. He always has the crowd laughing, singing along, dancing, and crying.

Al, Peg Dolan, and Jeff Elliott.
Al's "OTHER" Band. The Chowder Heads.

Behind the Sceens with Al

Dynamic Dave, Clayton P. Turner, Al Keltz, and Chuck Parnell.
Al on an outing with some of his friends

Chriss Brazener and Al after a marithon recording session !

Chuck Parnell, Jeff Elliott and Al

Dave Corcoran, Karen Entz, Al, and Chuck

Al, Peg Dolan, Carol Mulligan, John Dady, Chuck

Tune ? Did you say TUNE ! ???

Just a few of the many recordings Al plays on:

Tramper's Dynamic Christmas Various Artists

on CD Features Al and his three daughters on "Sleigh Ride"

Finally - Carol Mulligan on CD & Cassette

Island Dream - Jeff Elliott on Cassette

Jeff Elliott The Dynamic Years CD
Peg Dolan Four Green Fields CD & tape
Backwater Band Load Full of Memories CD
Karen Entz Heart of Glass CD
Peg Dolan Home CD & tape

Al has entertained at various venues, clubs, festivals, and private parties throughout New York State. He is equally adept at Electric Guitar, Accoustic Guitar, Pedal Steel, and Banjo. Al is available for bookings or Studio work by contacting
Jackie Kaspersin.

Top four banjo players.

If you have anything to contribute to Al's site
e-mail Dynamic dave at: drk@dynrec.com

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