Our Dynamic Services

Audio Transfers and Duplications

 Dynamic can make CDs from any audio source and preserve your musical memories on CD.
We can transfer vinyl records (45, 33, 78s), reel-to-reel tapes, Beta tapes,
DATs, and even wire recordings to CDs and make as many copies as you like, with on CD
label printing included.  

The high school glee club, college recital, first band's tapes, recorded funeral services,
weddings, letters home (from WWII and VietNam for example), your personal recorded 
interviews with family members - any audio source can be made into a CD that will preserve
your audio history.  Additionally, forensic enhancement of audio sources for legal  purposes
is available too.  

CDs of family audio history make a very special gift.

Reasonable rates and quick turnaround !

Call any time - 585.621.6270.
Outside the Rochester, NY,  area call toll free 800.816.4262

Video Duplication Services

Dynamic can transfer VHS and Beta tapes, slides, and home video camera recordings
to DVD, and make as many copies as you like, with on DVD label printing included.

Preserve your video memories on DVD - weddings, graduations, anniversaries, baptisms,
confirmation, reunions, picnics, baby and bridal showers - any  home movies that should be maintained
for current and future generations.  

DVDs of family events and history make great gifts !

Reasonable rates and quick turnaround !  

Call any time - 585.621.6270
Outside the Rochester, NY, area call toll free 800.816.4262


  Find the perfect entertainment for your special occasion with Dynamic Productions Agency.
There is no event too small or too large for Dynamic musicians - if it should be special, 
it should be Dynamic. Dynamic Productions 
  Dynamic supplies a variety of music to the film and television industries.

  And bands, think about having Dynamic Productions market you to concert, party, and special occasions too.

Consulting Services

   Whether you need tips on setting up your own studio, help with marketing your band,
finding out the information that MUST be on any CD to make it really commercial (and most first time CDs
do not include the right stuff), consultation on your final recorded CD Master (actually every engineer should
know this stuff - but they don't), 37 years in the recording industry makes Dynamic a source of invaluable

Dynamic Independent Music Store

  An eclectic line of CDs are available for purchase at our 2846 Dewey Avenue location in Rochester, NY, and on
line in the Dynamic Music Store.  We're on CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon as well - and can get your
recordings there too. Dynamic Music Store,  cdbaby,  Amazon and  iTunes.

"Get Your Music Heard" on WDYN Indie Radio

  Promote your music to the world with a presence on our internet radio station wdyn.us. Submit your
CD for air play, or sign up to be a Featured Artist with a personal interview that is broadcast to the
world - internet radio never sleeps!  Even the countries that aren't supposed to have the web
have people listening to wdyn.us.  WDYN.us 
Shoutcast, Streema and Real Audio Streaming.

Pro Audio Equipment

  We sell Whirlwind Cables and US Audio products on-line at First Audio USA. First Audio USA  
  Fine Whirlwind and US Audio products are available at 1st Audio USA - any kind of cabling, connectors,
audio devices, snakes, boxes, you name it - we ship internationally and our clients include Universities,
Churches, Nightclubs, Events managers, and musicians of all genres throughout the world.  Personal
Customer Service is our specialty - real people answer the phone !

Web Site Design and Hosting

One of the first companies in Rochester, NY, to have a web presence, Dynamic has always seen the power of the web - for connecting locally and to the world. First in Rochester to have an on-line broadcast of our own recording musicians, we are now heard in (and ship CDs to ) every US state and over 130 countries worldwide. Especially for musicians we can provide real audio/video, MP3, Wave, Flash Animation, and can have you up on youtube, as well. Dynamic Web Pages

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