How To Order Online By
Secure Credit Card Transaction

1. Select the items you wish to order.

2. Add items to your cart by selecting "Add To Cart."

3. You may, at any time, view your order by clicking the "View Shopping Cart" icon

4. When your order is complete select "Secure Online Credit Card Transaction" from the Shopping Cart Contents page.

5. Select the proper mode of shipping and click the "Purchase" button.

6.  Properly fill in the address and information required and remember to include your email address where requested.

6. When the form is complete click "Enter".

7. Using the Secure Payment Form which appears enter you credit card type (Visa, MC, Amex) as well as the card number and expiration date.

8. Click "Authorize Payment."

9.  A receipt of your order will appear which you may print out if you wish.

10. A final receipt of your order will automatically be sent to you via email.


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Programming and Graphics by Alan Ticheler